Walk-in, sign up for free, sit down in a workspace that is not only professional but also welcoming, fun, and successful. LAB B helps you grow in better ways.

Benefits of LAB•B

Space to Work

Meet your future partners, collaborators, friends and colleagues.

Like-minded People

Looking for some tips or general advice? We got you covered.

Workshops & Events

Start mixing and mingling your way to success.

Our Community

As an entrepreneur with an early-stage tech business in Brampton, I need two things: a community of like-minded peers to network with, and an affordable space to work and have meetings. LAB•B provides both.
— Jack Jones, Founder of Collabinate
I never had a physical place where I could actually grow my business. Now that LAB•B is in town I have a place where I can take my business to the next level.
— Ahmed Saleh, Visual Designer
LAB B is contributing to an emerging network of entrepreneurship and reshaping how we work. I urge others to explore this vital space to learn and grow as part of a community.
— David Guida, Founder of Spark Education