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Business Modelling

Using the Business Model Canvas and facilitated exercises, founders identify their startup’s value proposition, customer segments, customer acquisition funnel and revenue streams. We work with founders to hypothesize, validate and articulate the key elements of their business.

Prototyping and MVP

Rapid prototyping allows founders to build minimal viable products that allow real users to give them feedback quickly and cheaply. We help founders create a product development plan, design a prototype and build it out.

Brand Development

Customers use products and services that they can trust. We help founders develop branding and messaging that clearly communicates what the product does and for whom.


Above all, LAB B is a community that wants to see you win. It takes a village to raise a startup and we get you connected to mentors, expert advisors, investors, customers, and other hustlers.


Building something innovative and getting traction? We’re happy to put you in front of angel investors to take things to the next level. We’ll help you practice your pitch and make warm introductions.


Located in the heart of downtown Brampton, startups have access to shared workspace, meeting rooms, and high speed WiFi. 60 Queen Street is home to Brampton’s rich and diverse talent. 

What founders learn

We build learning experiences that allow founders to solve problems in real time through workshops and retreats taught by industry professionals and entrepreneurs. Founders will gain insight on the following topics:

  • Startup Law (contracts, IP, partnership agreements)
  • Design (branding, UX UI)
  • Opportunity Evaluation and Due Diligence
  • Cofounder Relationships
  • Cash Flow (bookkeeping, accounting)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Fundraising (investors, grant)
  • Building Community around products and services
  • Operations
  • Life as an entrepreneur

We’re looking for startups that:


Solve real problems

Are working full time on their venture

 Make innovative use of hardware and software technology

Have potential to grow and scale to achieve high impact

Have founders that demonstrate potential and domain expertise

We are now accepting applications for dedicated workspaces. 

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