What is coworking?

Coworking is a growing trend among the self-employed and freelancers in all industries. It creates community for those who normally work alone, allowing them to work on their own businesses, but in shared space.

Why do I need to collaborate ?

Collaboration  not only beats isolation and distraction, but it offers you a community. You work with others, but on your own business, idea, or project.

What about my privacy?

We realize that there are concerns about intellectual property and material possessions,that is why LAB•B  understands that sometimes information needs to be kept private. All of our mentors and Lab-B will sign NDAs as well as, if needed, meet with you in private.will work with individual situations as required to ensure that community and cooperation come first.

What about my things?

When you work in our space you will develop relationships with other members as well as trust. While we have a locked space that allows 24-7 access for members only, there will still be guests in the space, so we request that you monitor your own possessions.

Am I allowed to eat in the space?

You are definitely allowed to eat in the space. We only ask that you keep the workspace and kitchen clean and be mindful of everyone else. Also, note that the refrigerator is small and your items must be removed daily.

Will I actually get work done?

You may be wondering how can I get work done if there is so much activity going on. We agree it is a informal atmosphere but everyone is here to be productive. In fact, people actually end up getting more work done because the atmosphere is so focused and professional.

How does cleanliness work?

Three rules. 1) Wash your dishes. 2) Get rid of smelly leftovers. 3) Clean up your trash and spills.

How do phone calls work?

You are welcome to take calls in the space; however, you should note it is a small space with a lot of echo, so the privacy level is very low. If you require a bit more quiet or privacy, you have the luxury of stepping outside into the beautiful hallway or lobby to carry on your conversation.

What is COHIP & how do I get it?


Can I bring guests?

Our doors are always open for a meeting with a client/customer.

Why LAB•B?

The name LAB•B was conceived because the founders wanted to create a space where the community could congregate to generate ideas, try new things and measure results. Also, being born and raised in Brampton, the founders wanted to represent their city and show others that a creative economy exists in Brampton. Foundous helps us take our community to the next level by providing the tools to help us better face the road ahead.

When can I be in the space?

We’re open from 8am - 6pm Monday - Friday.

Do I need a membership to come?

You can book an appointment anytime to have a look at the space.

What’s Included?

Access to mentors, wifi, coffee, workspace, and community.

Can I listen to music?

Yes, you can listen to music but use headphones and be mindful of others, in fact part our creative process is to have music playing in the background!

How do I set up an event/workshop in the space?

Please use LAB•B for your workshops and small events. Our white walls can accommodate projectors and our 1970s-Mad Men-style speakers are perfect for sound. Please email create@lab-b.ca or harman@lab-b.ca to coordinate with us for any inquiries.